The Pattern of Cancer Cases in the Rest of Cross River State Not Covered by the Calabar Cancer Registry between 2004 and 2013

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G. A. Ebughe
M. A. Inyama
T. I. Ugbem
D. E. Ushie


Aims: This study aims to find out the prevalence of cancer in the different age groups in the rest of Cross River state not covered by the Calabar cancer registry.

Study Design: Descriptive retrospective study involving a trend analysis of the cancers incident in the University of Calabar Teaching Hospital, and persons from the rest of Cross River State not covered by the Calabar cancer registry. Such cases as occurred between 1st of January 2004 to December 31st, 2013 were included.

Place and Duration of Study: The Department of Pathology, University of Calabar Teaching hospital; between April and May 2019.

Methodology: A trend analysis of cancer cases from the rest of Cross River State outside the range of the Calabar cancer registry over the period was studied.

Results: Nine hundred and forty-one (941) cases of cancer were seen outside Calabar in Cross River State, within January 2004 and December 2013. Mean age was 49.18 ± 18.9 years, ranging from 1 to 100 years, and female: male ratio was 1: 0.97. The commonest age range cancer occurred is 40 to 64 years overall, 40 to 64 years in males and 40 to 64 years in females. The commonest cancers sites were breast cancer (21.9%), prostate (21.3%), lymphohematopoietic (9.2%). The commonest cancers in males were prostate (43.1), lymphohematopoietic (12.9%), soft tissue (11.4%). In females' breast 41.1% and cervix, 15.9% were the dominant sites. Cancer in the 0 to 17 age range was remarkably similar and was dominated by lymphohematopoietic sites, soft tissue, eye and urinary system. Cancer in the older ages 65 years and above is overwhelmingly dominated by prostate 60% followed by breast 18%.

Conclusion: Cancer in the rest of Cross River State is dominated by breast, prostate and cervical sites. This is like the GLOBOCAN estimates for Nigeria.

Cancer, age range, Cross River

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Ebughe, G. A., Inyama, M. A., Ugbem, T. I., & Ushie, D. E. (2019). The Pattern of Cancer Cases in the Rest of Cross River State Not Covered by the Calabar Cancer Registry between 2004 and 2013. International Journal of TROPICAL DISEASE & Health, 38(1), 1-12.
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