Changes in Renal Parameters Associated with Typhoid Infection

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J. C. Ozougwu
K. C. Alozie
C. A. Imakwu
S. C. Eziuzor
D. K. Akwari


Background: Typhoid is a vital health hazard globally but its incidence is greater in developing compared to developed countries owing to low sanitation, poor hygiene practices, unsafe food and drinking water.

Objective: This study was designed to determine the changes in renal parameters associated with male and female Typhoid patients.

Materials and Methods: A hundred and twenty male and hundred and twenty female Typhoid patients were divided into four groups made up of sixty Typhoid positive male, sixty Typhoid negative male, sixty Typhoid positive female and sixty Typhoid negative females. The renal parameters were evaluated using Spectrophotometer. The results were analyzed using statistical package for social science version 20 statistical software.

Results: The result of renal changes associated with male and female Typhoid fever patient showed insignificant increase (p < 0.05) in Total serum Protein and significant increase (p < 0.05) in Creatinine level of both male and female patient compared to their control. It showed insignificant increase (p < 0.05) in potassium ion and sodium ion of the Typhoid positive male patient, significant decrease in sodium ion and insignificant decrease in potassium ion of the Typhoid positive female compare to their controls. Similarly, the result of the Typhoid positive male patients showed significant increase (p < 0.05) in Chloride ion and insignificant decrease (p < 0.05) in Chloride ion of Typhoid positive female compare to their control. Furthermore, it showed insignificant decrease (p < 0.05) in Urea level of the Typhoid positive males and insignificant increase (p < 0.05) in Urea level of the Typhoid positive females.

Conclusions: Renal parameters as a tool for examining cases of early typhoid infections may aid in detecting early complications related to typhoid fever so as to aid in patients care and avert death that may come from such complication.

Typhoid, male, female, renal parameters.

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Ozougwu, J. C., Alozie, K. C., Imakwu, C. A., Eziuzor, S. C., & Akwari, D. K. (2019). Changes in Renal Parameters Associated with Typhoid Infection. International Journal of TROPICAL DISEASE & Health, 38(2), 1-6.
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