Middle-age Spread of Overweight and Obesity in Ghana; Myth or Reality? Evidence from WHO SAGE Wave 2 Data

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Michael Rockson Adjei
Janet Vanessa Baafi
Salifu Bawa
Felicia Amoo-Sakyi
Paulina Clara Appiah
Kwabena Twum-Nuamah
Gifty Amugi
Kofi Issah
Timothy Sewornu Letsa
George Mensah
Richard Biritwum
Alfred Edwin Yawson


Aims: The aim of this study is to describe the age-related risk of overweight/obesity among Ghanaians using data from the WHO Study on global AGEing and adult health (SAGE) Wave 2.

Study Design: Cross sectional study.

Place and Duration of Study: Ghana; 2014-2015.

Methodology: Primary study variables were extracted onto Microsoft Excel 14.0 spreadsheet. Secondary variables were generated through grouping, recategorization and combination of primary variables. Descriptive statistics were calculated for age and BMI. Associations between respondents’ characteristics and BMI were evaluated with chi square(χ2) and odds ratio (OR) at 95% confidence level.

Results: Data of 1322 respondents were included in data analysis. In all, 520 (39.3%) of the respondents were overweight/obese and nearly half (46.62%) were middle-aged adults. Middle-aged adults were nearly twice as likely to be overweight/obese compared with old adults (AOR=1.62; CI: 1.25-2.10) and the risk was higher for middle-aged females (AOR=2.38; CI: 1.84-3.09). Overall, being middle-aged (OR=1.73; CI: 1.35-2.21); living in an urban community (OR=2.01; CI: 1.61-2.52); being a female (OR=2.69; CI: 2.1-3.44); not engaging in regular physical activity (OR=1.49; CI: 1.18-1.88); and being an occasional drinker of alcoholic beverage (OR=1.58; CI: 1,12-2.22) were significantly associated with overweight/obesity.

Conclusion: Obesity/overweight are lifestyle driven phenomenon and can be controlled by risk modification. Public sensitization, imposition of special taxes on sugary beverages, promotion of healthy local staples and creation of enabling community environments to encourage physical activity may be useful approaches in controlling the epidemic.

SAGE Wave-2, Body Mass Index, obesity, overweight, middle-age

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Adjei, M. R., Baafi, J. V., Bawa, S., Amoo-Sakyi, F., Appiah, P. C., Twum-Nuamah, K., Amugi, G., Issah, K., Letsa, T. S., Mensah, G., Biritwum, R., & Yawson, A. E. (2020). Middle-age Spread of Overweight and Obesity in Ghana; Myth or Reality? Evidence from WHO SAGE Wave 2 Data. International Journal of TROPICAL DISEASE & Health, 41(2), 20-28. https://doi.org/10.9734/ijtdh/2020/v41i230251
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