Spatial Distribution of 100,477 Thousand Deaths Per COVID-19 in Brazil

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Daniele Melo Sardinha
Ana Lúcia da Silva Ferreira
Juliana Conceição Dias Garcês
Thalyta Mariany Rêgo Lopes Ueno
Gabriel Fazzi Costa
Diana da Costa Lobato
Karla Valéria Batista Lima
Ricardo José de Paula Souza e Guimarães
Luana Nepomuceno Gondim Costa Lima


The COVID-19 reached the pandemic level and in Brazil has already caused 100,477 deaths. This study is a Short Communication about the spatial distribution of deaths by COVID-19 in Brazil, from data from the Coronavirus Brasil platform. It was shown that Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Ceará, Pará, and Amazonas present the greatest lethality in Brazil, especially in the metropolitan regions. The distribution of deaths shows that it has already reached all regions of Brazil, with greater impact in some states. It was also possible, from the epidemiological bulletins, to identify that the deaths stand out in men above 60 years of age, with comorbidities such as heart diseases and diabetes.

Spatial distribution, deaths, COVID-19, Brazil.

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Sardinha, D. M., Ferreira, A. L. da S., Garcês, J. C. D., Ueno, T. M. R. L., Costa, G. F., Lobato, D. da C., Lima, K. V. B., Guimarães, R. J. de P. S. e, & Lima, L. N. G. C. (2020). Spatial Distribution of 100,477 Thousand Deaths Per COVID-19 in Brazil. International Journal of TROPICAL DISEASE & Health, 41(21), 10-15.
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