Modeling the Effect of Public Awareness in Local Dialects in the Spread of Corona Virus in Nigeria

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S. C. Nwasuka
O. A. Ignatius
K. T. Nwala
J. C. Ogbonna
G. U. Nwamuruamu


To study Corona virus, a non-linear deterministic mathematical model is formulated and analyzed to study a measure which will be efficient and sufficient to control corona virus combining the already existing control measures. In this model, all individuals are susceptible having the tendency of being infected if control measures are not implemented. The disease-free equilibrium point, feasible region of the model’s solutions was carried out and proves the systems uniqueness and existence.  Numerical solutions of this model indicate that the combination of already existing control measures of corona virus and public awareness in local dialects) is an efficient method to control the spread of corona virus.

Corona Virus, public awareness in local dialects, mathematical model and control measures

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Nwasuka, S. C., Ignatius, O. A., Nwala, K. T., Ogbonna, J. C., & Nwamuruamu, G. U. (2021). Modeling the Effect of Public Awareness in Local Dialects in the Spread of Corona Virus in Nigeria. International Journal of TROPICAL DISEASE & Health, 42(3), 46-54.
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