Evidence of Chikungunya but not Dengue Virus Circulating among Febrile Patients during Low Transmission Period in Morogoro Municipality, Tanzania

Lightness B. Mboya, Elingarami S. Nkya, Lucas E. Matemba, Edson Kinimi

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Environmental Sanitation Factors and human Behaviour Associated with Intestinal Parasitic Infections in Rural Communities of Cameroon

Natchema S. F. Brice, Atembeh Noura E., Nkengazong Lucia, Ebogo Belobo Jean Thierry, Ngo Ngué Thérése Nadyne, Ngue Monique, Motsebo Amede, Moyou-Somo Roger

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Characterization of Malaria Preventive Extracts from Myrsine africana Seeds

Renei Shopoko, Osano Aloys, Bakari Chaka

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Management of Acute Respiratory Infections in Children under Five by Self-medication and Prescription of Antibiotics in Bukavu

Beatrice Salama, Benjamin Z. Bavurhe, Justin N. Kadima

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Comparative Analysis of Ocular Morbidity in Riverine and Upland Communities in Rivers State, Nigeria

Elizabeth A. Awoyesuku, Bassey Fiebai

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