Phytochemical Screening and Antibacteria/ Antifungi Activities of Root and Shoot Extracts of Euphorbia hirta (Asthma Weed)

L. A. Adjeroh, M. O. Nwachukwu, P. N. Abara, J. C. Nnokwe, J. N. Azorji, I. O. Osinomumu

Page: 1-10,
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Soil-Transmitted Helminths: Prevalence and Intensity of Some Soil Transmitted Nematodes among Pupils in Selected Primary Schools in Penka-Michel Sub-division, West-Cameroon

Atiokeng Tatang Rostand Joël, Yondo Jeannette, Nguemfo Tchankugni Arlette, Nkouayep Vanessa, Mpoame Mbida

Page: 11-22
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Prevalence of Multi Drug Resistant Bacteria among Urinary Tract Infection Outpatients Visiting Madonna University Teaching Hospital, Elele, Nigeria

Yvette Ngwe Nchidon Nwana, Marceline Singam Foba, Godwill Azeh Engwa, Dominic Awung Fobellah

Page: 23-31
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Impact of Comprehensive HIV/AIDS Prevention Program on Reduction of Risky Sexual Behaviors in an African Rural Community

Ali Johnson Onoja, Felix Olaniyi Sanni, Paul Olaiya Abiodun, . JohnShaibu, Sheila Onoja, Imam Adamu

Page: 32-45
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Magnetic Resonance Imaging in the Preoperative T Staging of Gastric Cancer (A Critical Appraisal)

Syed Sajad Ahmad, Irfan Robbani, Sheikh Riaz Rasool, Syed Besina Yaseen, Rouf Ahmad Wani, Abdul Wahid Mir, Tabasum Mushtaq

Page: 46-54
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Prevalence of Carbapenem-Resistance among Enterobacteriaceae Isolated from Patients Attending Uduth Sokoto, North West Nigeria

M. U. Iduh, K. Mohammed, M. K. Garba, S. U. Nataala, O. F. Ashcroft, A. Abdulkadir

Page: 55-64
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Perspectives of the Health Extension Program Enhancing Contraceptive Provision in Southern Ethiopia: A Qualitative Exploration

Abraham Alano

Page: 65-75
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The Microbial Profile and Antibiotic Susceptibility in Burn Wound Infection: A Hospital Based Study

P. Denen Akaa, C. N. Ahachi, E. Ojo, G. T. Jombo, S. Osuji, T. H. Gajir

Page: 76-86
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