2015 - Volume 10 [Issue 4]

Short Communication

Original Research Article

Hookworm Infestations among Pregnant Teenagers in Bungoma County, Kenya

F. A. Mambo, E. K. Mulunji, G. A. Sowayi, R. C. A. Omedo, G. A. Mukoya, D. A. Kokonya

DOI: 10.9734/IJTDH/2015/16330

Page: 1-7

Epidemiology of Hookworm Infection and the Influence of Some Epidemiological Factors on their Prevalence in Some Farming Communities in Ebonyi State, Nigeria

I. A. Nnachi, O. O. Odikamnoro, A. U. Nnachi, O. C. Ani, C. A. Uhuo, C. C. Egwuatu

DOI: 10.9734/IJTDH/2015/19916

Page: 1-10

Evaluation of Feeding Practices in Children Aged 6-23 Months in Southern Benin Rural Setting

Charles Jérome Sossa, Flora F. T. Laleye, Victoire D. Agueh, Justine Guedégbé, Colette Azandjemè, Badirou Aguemon, Edgard-Marius Dona Ouendo, Laurent T. Ouédraogo, Michel Makoutodé

DOI: 10.9734/IJTDH/2015/20499

Page: 1-8

Review Article

Promising Therapeutics against Ebola Virus Disease

Elijah Ige Ohimain

DOI: 10.9734/IJTDH/2015/19066

Page: 1-17

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